About Creative

Best & Trusted organisation

Creative Apparels (Pvt). Ltd was established in 2003. We are a cut-to-pack garments manufacturing facility. We have over 13 years of experience and achievement — our company is now one of Pakistan’s top competitive knitwear organizations. We’ve re-engineered each step in our value-chain process to match the changing and dynamic fashion market.


Our Recent Work

Production Process

Fabric / Dying

Our fabric arrives as large roles of white cloth (ecru fabric) we then dye it with colour , using our industrial machinery (finished fabric)


Our Machine Technology

Sampling / Cutting

We cut to the desired size specs & dimensions of the client’s wishes. we employ top level, & exact quality standards in our cutting, to suit client needs sampling & product development is a separate department.


Qualified supervisors are inducted to manage every stitching line , ensuring max quality & efficiency our main stitching production dept is a skilled team of driven workers.

Finishing / Packing

Solely concerned with ensuring only the best quality items are sent out worldwide items are packed in the most presentable fashion please follow our customer packing instructions.

We have capacity of 18000 Pieces / day

Our Machinery