Tuition Programme
Tuition Programme



A warm welcome to new visitors to SNUi – Spiritualism Online!

If you are here for one of the free open access services use the links below*. Our meetings use Zoom Video Conferencing, if you haven’t used it before it will ask you to download a small App.

– SUNDAY DIVINE SERVICE: Every Sunday, 6.30pm (UK) Click here to enter.

 PUBLIC HEALING SERVICE: Every Friday, 6.30pm (UK) Click here to enter.

– AN AUDIENCE WITH THE PRESIDENT: Every Monday, 7PM (UK) with Minister David Bruton, SNU President and NEC members, for updates and thoughts, with Q&A for SNU churches, members, districts etc. Click here to enter.

– DEMONSTRATION OF SPIRIT ART: Thursday 9th April, 7pm (UK) with Stella Upton OSNU and Su Wood.  Click here to enter.

– SPECIAL TRANCE DEMONSTRATION: Thursday April 16th, 7pm (UK) with Minister Judith Seaman. Click here to enter.

Check back soon as we’re scheduling more open access events each week. If you’re interested in joining SNUi’s friendly online community to access our full range of online services, tuition, workshops, lectures and education, please visit our membership page. SNUi members have unlimited access to hundreds of events – see the timetable below.

SNUi are also offering the following open access educational sessions for you to try. No password required. Just click on the timetable below at the date and time of the sessions – no password required: “Sensitivity” a talk with Minister Matthew Smith, April 9th at 5pm (UK), “A History of Spiritual healing” with Tim Smith DSNU, part one April 16th at 8pm (UK) & part two April 23rd at 8pm (UK).  “Who is Hannen Swaffer?” a talk with Tim Smith DSNU, May 7th at 8pm (UK).

* You can also scroll down this page to the timetable below to find the service you are attending. Click on it, and a new box will open giving brief details of the service.  Click on the “Go to classroom” button.


The password for member only sessions are published in the monthly newsletter.


If you experience any difficulties, email Minister Arthur Plumpton on